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Adult Mandarin Program


I just finished Module 1 and really enjoyed it. KLT focuses on practical conversation language learning and Module 1 was a good foundation for this. Our instructor, Linda, is super knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, and willing to tailor the content to the class’ needs. The audio tracks for each chapter were helpful to become familiar with the sounds and pronunciation. I loved the class size (4 in our class) – perfect for language practice. I’m looking forward to continuing to Module 2 in the near future.

Meggan Chung, Group Class Surrey, 2017

I would summarize my experience with Key Language Training as yōuxiù, exceptional.  My journey of learning actually begun several weeks before my first class.  It started with a search for a Mandarin program that would give me a board understanding of not only the language also zhōngguó wénhuà, Chinese culture.  I was able to experience both through Key Language Training Mandarin program.
Coming from US, Seattle, Washington, I could have chosen a language training program closer to my home, but I felt to really learn I needed to be immersed not only in the language, also the culture.  Attending classes in Richmond, BC I could expect to go to class and afterwards have the opportunity to use my language skills, though limited, at the local restaurants, grocery stores or any number of retail establishments.   Even before taking my first class I experienced benefits of the program, the staff of Key Language kept in contact with me to ensure I was informed and reminded on the start day, time and location of classes.  They also made sure I felt welcome and inclusive as part of the boarder family of language learners by introducing me to other students and Lǎoshī, teachers.

During my training ,I experienced a highly professional and experienced teaching staff, not only knowledgeable on Mandarin, also in the Chinese culture.  In addition, the teachers and Key Language staff provided me with opportunities to attend culture events in and outside of the school.
I feel my basic training and experiences will provide the skills necessary to prepare me for my ventures in China.  I wish to express my deep appreciation to all those individuals who contributed to my learning.  Xièxiè.
For the reader who is currently is not a student and considering taking classes, you have found an excellent choice in selecting Key Language Training.  Best of Luck, Zhù nǐ hǎo yùn on your journey of learning.

Jerry S, Intensive Mandarin, 2017

Great teacher and amazing staff as well! Friendly, helpful, energetic, and a worth while experience for those wanting to learn Mandarin. Highly recommend to anyone

James Lemon, Group class, Richmond, 2017

One of the best experiences ever. I started taking classes at this awesome establishment in the summer, Mandarin being my fourth language to learn, I had some expectations, which they blew past. Classes are always designed small, which makes it possible for students to get more attention. Like many people, I came to Mandarin fully expecting it to be difficult, however, their style of teaching made me realize how easy it was. I just finished my second beginner module and couldn’t be happier.

Nas Makkiya, Group class, Richmond 2017

I have been taking classes at Key Language for over 7 months. I have nothing but good things to say about the school, I am enjoying my lessons immensely and have already reached a conversational level of spoken mandarin. Fantastic teachers and convenient location. A great find by me, and a great option if you are looking to learn mandarin.

Kurt Ostlund, Mandarin private lessons,  2016, Richmond 

Taking Mandarin this summer at Key Language Training was just the challenge I needed: learning a new language is exciting; the instructor was encouraging and helpful; the classroom size was intimate enough that you don’t feel neglected; location was accessible; value is priceless. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Thank you. Xie xie

Justinne Ramirez, Group class, 2016, Vancouver

If you want to learn Mandarin this is definitely the place to help you! Linda is a great teacher and I look forward to learn so much more from her in the future. Great place.

Eric Cook, Private lessons, 2016, Surrey 

Key Language Training was essential to my Mandarin studies. Much better than learning online or through language exchanges. Private tutoring sessions helped my to proper grammer and language structure, as well as how to learn Chinese characters. Thank you Suzanne and Linda for being great teachers!

Riley Moore, private lessons,  2015, Richmond 

Learning Mandarin at Key Language Training was both an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Susan came prepared every time with new material to learn, and she was also very good at helping me practice my Mandarin conversation skills. I definitely feel more confident now conversing in Mandarin with my patients.

Natalie Siu, Chiropractor, Business Mandarin  Dec 2014

I want to thank Key Language Training for the excellent instruction I received during my eight-day intensive Mandarin course. The teacher had an enthusiastic manner and made learning enjoyable. Because of all the opportunity to speak, including the stories I prepared and told, I completed the course with a feeling of increased self-confidence as a speaker of Mandarin. I am much more likely now to converse in Mandarin with people. The teacher has a complete command of Chinese grammar and was always ready to provide me with clear, easy-to-understand explanations of Chinese usage and sentence structure. Her provision of new vocabulary to me, together with daily review, has inspired me to apply myself and build my vocabulary and given me renewed hope that I will become a fluent speaker.

Carey Ditmars, Intensive class student, April 2014

I would like to begin by saying this  program has met all my expectations and more.  I have been very happy with my teachers and the progress that has been made. Coming into this course, my expectations were very high and quite frankly I was unsure that this program would fulfill my expectations. I can now say with confidence that this program and it’s staff are well qualified to deliver results.

Steve F,  CEO SYPC , Business Mandarin student, 2013

I just finished a five-day one-on-one intensive course with Susan Zhao. Susan is a very experienced language teacher who can understand the specifics of both Mandarin and English perfectly. Right away, she can tell my standard of Mandarin; my problems in terms of pronunciation, usage and fluency; and what I need to improve. Her proficiency in English helps my study and our communication a lot. She continuously encouraged me and referred me to meetup groups for future practice. I find this intensive course a turn-around point in my Mandarin study. Now I am more confident and enthusiastic than ever to use Mandarin. I highly recommend this kind of course to give yourself a boost so that the future study is made easier.

Joanna Ma, Intensive class student, May 2013

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Linda these past few months. Her professionalism, politeness and expertise in assisting me with real-estate terms and translations has benefited me and broadened my work scope. Linda has been able to transform and accommodate the learning curriculum to shape my career needs, and has prepared me with different case scenarios to further my knowledge. I have received many compliments from colleagues who feel that my confidence in mandarin speaking has significantly improved. I thank Linda for her help, and would highly recommend Key Language Training to all people.

Stanley Cheung, Property Management, December 2012

Having a private lesson in my home to learn mandarin has been the best way for me to understand the language. In the past  I have taken courses in a classroom with other students and was complete waste of time and money because the teachers focus on all students at once. I am a very slow learner and very shy to practice in front of strangers therefore I could not learn to my potential and as a result I lost interest to go and do homework. Each 2 hour private lesson cannot compare to any classroom environment. I absorb everything from a private lesson and nothing is missed. Another advantage to having a private lesson in my home is the comfort of being at home and being able to concentrate without any one to distract me. The level of learning is so great from private lessons and worth every dollar. I highly recommend this method for the serious person.

Alex H, Interior designer, May 2012

I want to let you know that I completed my sessions with Linda today and it far surpassed my wildest dreams! In addition to teaching me vocabulary and pronunciation, she did something I didn’t think was possible – she made learning the language fun and made me even more interested in China and its culture. Since I booked my trip to China two months ago I have been more excited than ever, and Linda intensified that excitement more than I could have imagined. Both yesterday and today I was in clients offices showing off my Mandarin! My favourite lines are:

Nǐ hǎo ma?

Wǒ shì Dà wèi ( 大卫 ).

Tāmen shì wǒérzi Stefan hé Mika.

Wǒmen shì Jiānádà rén. (Wǒ bùshì Měiguó rén.)

Wǒmen cóng Wēngēhuá lái.

Zhèxiē shù hěn piāo liàng.

Qǐng lái sān píng píjǐou.

Hǎo de. Hǎo. Hǎo. Xièxie nǐ.


I leave for Beijing (north capital), Nanjing (south capital), Hangzhou, Wuzhen, Suzhou, Wuxi and Shanghai at noon tomorrow and will let you know about my trip when I return on June 5th. And next year I hope to go to the west and east capitals!

Tài gǎn xiè le! —

David R, Construction Contractor, May 2012

I like how I am learning Mandarin quickly – much faster than I had expected! I like how Suzanne tailors the class content to our needs and requests. I have been impressed with the variety of techniques that she uses to teach. She teaches not only the vocabulary, but also provides us with a clear understanding of the sentence structures, which is important in learning a new language. She also seems to be very aware of how well we are following and learning, and adjusts accordingly. She is very funny and kind, and creates a positive class atmosphere! We always enjoy our time in the class and leave feeling confident and excited about our ability to speak Mandarin.

Brooke Seal, Ph.D in psychology and therapist, Nov 2010

Beyond being knowlegeable and professional, Suzanne is warm, energetic and inspiring. As an educator for 35 years, I would rate Suzanne’s teaching ability as exceptional. She uses every tool available to appeal to any learning style. With the variety of aides that she employs, everyone stays engaged. Concepts are re-enforced and associations between lessons are made. The manual is good and CD’s, that hit the highlights of the corresponding chapters, help students with pronunciation between classes

Brenda Osgood, BA, English, M ed, Counselling Psychology, Dec 2010

The class has many great aspects to it, but I think the enthusiasm that is present in Suzanne’s teaching methods is one of the most unique aspects of her course. The class also creates an environment that encourages creativity and positive reinforcement.  The use of physical objects like fruit and pens is also very helpful in constructing sentences. I would definitely recommend Suzanne as an excellent teacher.  Her professional attitude and extensive language training make the classes extremely useful and enjoyable.

Curtis Thompson, President, Granville Contracting, Nov 2010

I appreciate the fact that I can now begin to understand the language and how to speak it ( After taking a 10 hour summer course.) I believe this course to be mandatory for anyone who wishes to learn the language .  I found Ms. Suzanne Zhu to be an excellent instructor and was very helpful to me in grasping the language.  I would highly recommend her Company to any person or corporation who wishes to have themselves or employees  trained in this language.

Gordon R. President and CEO of Net Nanny, Nov 2011

I have been a student of Suzanne Zhu , for the last 5 years, having first met her when she was teaching Adult Mandarin for the Richmond School District Continuing Education.  I was so impressed with Suzanne and her teaching skills that I asked to take private lessons, and join her group class , which I  continue to enjoy . Not only has she made the learning experience fun, yet challenging. I am able to feel very comfortable while conversing in Mandarin , and am often complimented on my language skill  and pronunciation. Suzanne encourages her students to engage in conversation with each other , using the basics from the  previous lesson , expanding and changing the questions . She approaches the sentence formation in a very simple and concise easy way to remember – thus enabling the student to begin to think in Mandarin, rather than translating from English. In past years I have studied many foreign languages, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese, and become frustrated at the lack of progression. Suzanne’s teaching skills and guidance have encouraged me to continue, progressing quickly and with confidence.

Heather Melidones, Air Canada Flight Attendant, Oct 2010

The class atmosphere encouraged me to try to speak, even though I made many mistakes. Overall I really enjoyed the course and enjoyed Suzanne’s positive and enthusiastic nature.  I learned a lot.

Kevin Pankratz, International Sales Director, Canfor

I really like the use of humour alongside of learning.  I liked the use of cards, having group create sentences.  Lots of repetition – a good course as is. I think Suzanne is a wonderful teacher and the way she had the course laid out works well for adult learners.

Carolyn Willick, Financial Officer, Canfor

Beyond being knowlegeable and professional, Suzanne is warm, energetic and inspiring. As an educator for 35 years, I would rate Suzanne at the top of the class for her teaching ability. She uses every tool available to appeal to any learning style. I highly recommend taking this fun and useful course.

Brenda Osgood, BA, English, M ed, Counselling Psychology, Oct 2010

Suzanne’s positive attitude and enthusiasm made the lessons very enjoyable.

Amanda Arnold, Web Designer @ Design-a-Web, Oct 2010

I was very surprised at how much of the language I was able to pick up in only the short time of this course.  While some homework is advisable, the format and instruction of Suzanne’s course is extremely conducive to learning even if someone has no grounding in Mandarin.  The logic of sentence structure is explained so that we are able to more easily learn syntax.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone.  More importantly, the instruction was fun and convivial.  I look forward to taking the next level.

Tony Chan, Network Entertainment

If you want to learn mandarin and you like a fun, group learning environment, this is definitely a great place to start.

Kevin Wong, BBA Candidate, SFU

I like how this course focuses on speaking and not writing. I also enjoyed the setting of learning in an environment that is not a classroom, and only has a few students. The course material I learned was very helpful as I can use it in everyday life. Learning Mandarin with Suzanne was a great experience. I never thought I would enjoy waking up early  to learn on a Saturday morning. Suzanne made the lessons fun with her bubbly personality & positive energy. Her teaching method with objects and pictures made it much easier to understand. Although the course was only 9 weeks, I came into the class with no experience and I left with much more knowledge of Mandarin.

Cassidy Lee, Legal Assistant

I like the setting of the class, provided for an authentic and relax environment to learn the language. The content is very relevant and easily put to understand, also very well instructed and explained.

Mazi Irani, Senior Interior Designer. Stantec Architecture


Children’s Mandarin Classes 


Thank you! Mae Gwyn is so proud to share the words and phrases she learns each week.  Parent, Jenn S.

Rosie loves it! Her 4th language does not seem too much! Parent, H. H.

Urban Academy  Dec 2013

Survey conducted by Urban Academy regarding the after-school Mandarin program, fall 2013.

Urban Academy: Please ask your child about their experience with the program, and let us know what they think.


  • He loves it, is using some Mandarin words around the house.
  • she likes the teachers and enjoys learning new words and phrases in Mandarin to show to her family
  • “Well the thing is…. I LOVE IT” is what she said.  She would like to continue in the program, learning more words etc
  • very fun but finds it hard to go from day of school to the class. Could they have a run around outside first? ( kindergarten student )
  • She likes learning new words and songs in mandarin.  She is excited to be able to say that she knows mandarin
  • She loves it.  Also loves to teach us what she has learned.  I have no idea what she says to me though!