Children’s Mandarin Class

in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey

Our Mandarin programs are suitable for students who have little or no any Chinese language experience. We adopt an inquiry-based, active and communicative approach to help students learn Mandarin. The emphasis is on listening and speaking and cultivating interest and passion for Chinese language and culture.

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Mandarin  for English Speakers (Kindergarden- Grade 6)   

This course is suitable for non-Chinese speaking children who do not have Mandarin language background,  focusing on developing Mandarin conversational skills.  The Students will learn in a mall group class, through stories, role-play, drama,  songs, arts, crafts and games.

Mandarin  for youth (Grade 8- Grade 12) 

Designed for non-Mandarin speaking teenagers who do not have Mandarin language background. Students will be led by an experienced Mandarin teacher, interacting with a small group of peers (4-8) in an immersion language environment and develop practical conversational skills.

Test preparation, Mandarin  AP, IB and HSK


See what our students say about their experiences.


  • He loves it, is using some Mandarin words around the house.
  • she likes the teachers and enjoys learning new words and phrases in Mandarin to show to her family
  • “Well the thing is…. I LOVE IT” is what she said.  She would like to continue in the program, learning more words, etc.
  • very fun but finds it hard to go from the day school to the Mandarin class. Could they have a run around outside first? ( kindergarten student )
  • She likes learning new words and songs in mandarin.  She is excited to be able to say that she knows mandarin
  • She loves it.  Also loves to teach us what she has learned.  I have no idea what she says to me though!