Children & Teen Mandarin Class in Richmond

Children & Teen  Mandarin Classes

Summer Camp 2017, see details 

 2017 Children’s Mandarin Classes in Richmond 

 We have s special Mandarin program for students who do not have any Chinese background.We adopt an an inquiry-based, active and communicative approach to help students learn Mandarin. The emphasis in on listening and speaking,  and cultivating interest and passion for Chinese language and culture.

2017  Children’s Mandarin Class in Richmond  

Class Location: 121, 8877 Odlin Cr. Richmond, map 

Class size: 3-8

Age: 6 and above

Class Start date:

Saturday, 11:00 am -1:00pm, Sep 9, 2017, Group A

Saturday, 1:30-3:30pm, Sep 9, 2017, Group B

Tuition :$400 /term ( 8 weeks, 16 hours ), plus 5% GST

Material fees: $35 

 Private tutoring available

 Mandarin  for English Speakers ( K- 12 ),   小学生中文班(母语为英语,K-7

This course is suitable for non-Chinese speaking children who do not have Mandarin language background,  focusing on developing Mandarin conversational skills.  The Students will learn in small group class, through stories, role-play, drama,  songs, arts, crafts and games.

Mandarin Simplified and Traditional Characters  ( K – G 12 ) 简体字/ 繁体字中文班(小学生及中学生)

Designed for student who would like to focus on reading and writing skills. The course will cover vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar and Chinese culture.

Mandarin  for youth ( G 8-12 ) 青少年中文班(各个水平)

 Designed for non-Mandarin speaking teenagers who do not have Mandarin language background. Students will be led by an experienced Mandarin teacher, interacting with a small group of peers (5-8) in a  immersion language environment and develop practical, conversational skills.

 1 on 1 or small group Tutoring 一对一或者小班授课

Test preparation, Mandarin  AP, IB and HSK 


See what our students say about their experiences.


  • He loves it, is using some Mandarin words around the house.
  • she likes the teachers and enjoys learning new words and phrases in Mandarin to show to her family
  • “Well the thing is…. I LOVE IT” is what she said.  She would like to continue in the program, learning more words, etc.
  • very fun but finds it hard to go from the day school to the Mandarin class. Could they have a run around outside first? ( kindergarten student )
  • She likes learning new words and songs in mandarin.  She is excited to be able to say that she knows mandarin
  • She loves it.  Also loves to teach us what she has learned.  I have no idea what she says to me though!