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Intensive Mandarin Courses

The goal of the Intensive Mandarin Course is to enable the student to converse comfortably in Mandarin within 4 months. With less time between lessons students are able to retain more of what they have learnt and build up their vocabulary and speaking skills more quickly and confidently. This is an ideal course for people wanting to learn Mandarin as quickly as possible for academic, professional or personal purposes.

The emphasis is on speaking Mandarin in an immersive learning environment. The course is taught by an expert Mandarin Instructor.

This course can be tailored to suit your specific needs, whether you are a banker, realtor, lawyer, or traveler etc.


Cost: 1 on 1, $ 45 – 50 /hour;   1 on 2,  $ 30/hour; 1 on 3 ,  $ 25 /hour for 3-4 people. If you sign up for 50 hours or more you may qualify for a discount.

Time: 2- 4 hours a day, minimum 10 hours/week.  Schedule can be adjusted upon discussion

Duration:  4 – 52 weeks

Start date: Any time for 1 on 1

Location: Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey and  Coquitlam, and online.

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Our student Kurt’s speech after 5 month’s intensive Mandarin course

Lesson 1 Greetings and Farewells

Course Outline

Lesson 2 Names and titles

Lesson 3 Nationalities and languages

Lesson 4 Numbers, days and dates

Lesson 5 Time & Daily Routine

Lesson 6 Summary for Lessons 1-5


Lesson 7 Addresses and Telephone Numbers

Lesson 8 Family and family members

Lessons 9 Work and professions

Lesson 10 Interests and abilities

Lesson 11 Invitations and appointments

Lesson 12 : Summary for Lessons 7-11


Lesson 13 Telephoning and messages

Lesson 14 Money and currency

Lesson 15 Shops and shopping

Lesson 16 Colours and clothing

Lesson 17 Size and styles

Lesson 18 Summary for Lessons 13-17


Lesson 19 Food and restaurants,

Lesson 20 Cafes, pubs and drinks

Lesson 21 Hotels and services

Lesson 22 Travel and transport

Lesson 23 Places and directions

Lesson 24 Summary for Lessons 19-23


Lesson 25 The weather

Lesson 26 Activities and Progression

Lesson 27 Intentions and Plans

Lesson 28 Heather and Body

Lesson 29 Compliments and well-wishing

Lesson 30 Summary for Lessons 25-29