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Mandarin conversation group

Mandarin Module 1 & 2:  suitable to students who have little or no knowledge of Mandarin Chinese. In this course, students will learn about Chinese pronunciation system,  essential vocabulary, sentence structures  and grammar. At the end of the course students will be able to introduce themselves and others, tell their names, nationalities, jobs, families, describe time and locations, and talk about daily life etc.  The focus is on conversation, while reading and writing Chinese characters are optional.

Mandarin Module 3 & 4: Students will learn more vocabulary, sentence structures and improve your conversational skills. The content will cover  time/date, birthday, location, colour, asking for directions, shopping, ordering food, making phone calls, travel, asking /offering for help etc.

Mandarin Module 5 &6:  At the end of this course, students will be able to describe the weather, their habits, what they are doing, their living environment, post office, shopping,  seeing doctor, sport  and leisure activities.

Mandarin Module 7 & 8 : The content includes talking about your study, work, daily life, future plan etc. More advanced vocabulary and sentence structure and grammar points are covered.

Mandarin Module 9 & 10:  The content covers talking about interests and hobbies, physical features, characters, sports and exercises, making appointment, social life, news, passing on messages etc.

 Mandarin Module 11 & 12:  The content covers the seasons, festivals, hotels, searching for information online, making reservations, vacations, health, internet, problem solving.