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 One day  Introductory Mandarin   Class or 

Two nights introductory Mandarin Classes

In this introductory class, you will learn basic knowledge and facts  about Mandarin Chinese, such as Pronunciation system and characters, grammar, speaking and writing systems.  You will learn about 50 essential words, 10 key phrases for your purposes, a personalized message in Mandarin to take with you.

price : $ 100

Location: 102-8140 Cook Street, Richmond BC V7E 1V1

1 day class ( with light Chinese lunch provided ):  10am – 3 pm

Jan 11 ,  Jan 14 , Feb 15

March 15 ( Saturdays )

or 2 evenings:  6:30-9pm

Jan  13 and 15

Door prize for complimentary Mandarin lessons 


Mandarin-604 Meetup

A complimentary lesson offered bi-weekly for Mandarin learners. Join us @ Mandarin-604 Meetup  to attend a lesson or get your questions answered.

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